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Aaron Dancer

I am a Software Engineer, Designer, Organizer, & Evangelist


Aaron Dancer

I’m a self-taught Software Engineer and overall geek at heart. I began by teaching myself C++, HTML, and CSS and started developing basic websites and applications at the age of 8. I love technology both hardware and software. I’m a programming, computer hardware, and hackathon enthusiast.

In recent years, I’ve become a hackathon and event organizer. I organize various events including CodeRED and CodeDay Houston. I also help with organizing local and private events for organizations and companies.

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SSL.com - Software Engineer

February, 2015 - Present

  • Full stack web development of the SSL.com main website and consumer and enterprise solutions using JavaScript, Angular.js, PHP, MySQL, and Node.js.
  • Development and management of DevOps

Microsoft - Student Partner

August, 2015 - Present

  • Promotion of the Microsoft brand, products, and services.
  • Organizing and executing of tech talks, workshops, and events.

StudentRND - Regional Organizer & Lead Evangelist

August, 2014 - Present

CodeDay Houston is a seasonal 24-hour coding event where students express their creative ability by creating apps, games, and websites with 60-135 participants each season.

Coursality - Co-Founder

April 8, 2014 - Present

  • Development of the online course system that adaptively delivers content to the user. Built using Node.js, Angular.js, Express.js, & MongoDB.
  • Development of online and mobile user experience allowing for optimal user learning and engagement.
  • Development of interactive course work for Math, Science, and Technology

7PM - Senior Software Engineer

August, 2009 - January, 2015

  • Lead development of Scriber, a full-featured word processor using C# with WPF.
  • Created security and monitoring software solutions for schools and businesses. Providing 18% less overhead compared to other solutions.
  • Created interactive online presentations allowing for remote presentations and more interactive in-person presentations.
  • Created an in-browser 3D model tour and viewer for oil architecture created using three.js and Django.
  • Created a peer-to-peer secure file sync and download system designed for enterprise and download server use. Enhanced download speeds by an average of 23% over remote connections, and up to 178% faster download speeds over a local connection.
  • Created JavaScript library for use with Babylon.js and Three.js contracted by a major game engine company. Providing a 31% performance increase over open-source solutions.

RealGrowth, LLC - Software Engineering Intern

June, 2013 - August, 2013

  • Developed various websites and templates with HTML5, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript
  • Created an app for real estate investors and realtors to keep track of properties and get public information using Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android



Devpost Project
Pulsar is an offline data propulsion framework that allows for applications to send and receive data without using wifi or cellular data.

The prototype was created at HackGT, winning the Best use of Mandrill API Award, and built using PHP as the backend framework and the demo iOS app and SDK built using Swift.

Pulsar is planned to be remade into an open source scalable service and framework.

Morning Hack

Devpost Project
  • An iOS app that influences wakeup time and helps users avoid morning frustrations.
  • Built using Objective-C, Node.js, and Azure Mobile Services
  • Created at HackDFW winning the AT&T Best Mobile App and Intel Best use of Weather Underground API awards.

Pennjamin's Travels

Devpost Project
Pennjamin's Travels is a focus-enhancing game created as a demonstration of controlling video games with one's mind.

In the game, users would concentrate on the thought of moving up or down to control the penguin. Distractions and lack of concentration would cause the penguin's movements to become more sporadic and increase in velocity.


Github Repo
Kalmiya is an ambitious project that expands the capabilities of Microsoft's Cortana personal assistant on Windows 10. The goal of Kalmiya is to:
  1. Allow easy creation of custom commands

  2. Allow integration with apps and services that do not support Cortana

  3. Automate workflows using these integrations

  4. Integrate Cortana with IoT allowing for things like home automation

  5. Allow external devices like phones, DIY boards, etc to interface with a central Cortana to control home, workflows, tasks, etc from anywhere.

CodeRED Liftoff

View Website
Created the official website for CodeRED Liftoff


Devpost Project
Swarm meets Yik Yak

Created at Hack Houston 3, Hence is an Android app that allows users to subscribe to their areas of interest and interact with markers and people locally.

The original concept was created as a means of alerting people of nearby events and emergencies only when located within an area of concern. The app was then expanded for consumer interests and entertainment.


Github Repo Devpost Project Video Demo
A Chrome extension that lets you graffiti on the web. See the public 'wall' of a webpage, and share private markups!

The extension was created at TAMUhack 2014 winning 1st Place Overall and was built with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 utilizing Parse and Easeljs


Github Repo
Multiplatform 5x5 4-in-a-row Tic-Tac-Toe game made with Qt Quick (C++ and JavaScript).

The game features multiplayer, full responsiveness on any device, and an unbeatable AI.


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